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Just wake me when it's over.

When the curtains raise.

15 January
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My name is Rachel. I live in Cherry Hill. woo fricken hoo. I have brown hair and eyes. I'm like 5'2"-ish. I just graduated from High School -West-. I love music. And movies. And soda . /coke/. I love arguing and being right. There's nothing like smackin someone upside the head. I love the look on people's faces when their surprised. And when their mad. Taking care of certain people when their sick makes me feel good. And I like that. I absolutely love being a smart ass. And am frequently. I miss high school. I lik being alone. And being with people. I enjoy having my AdHd. Late night dancing to Coheed is unforgetable. Senior Prom. After senior prom. I love writing. Especially when im upset. Or bitchy. There's nothing like playing in the rain. Driving sucks. I hate the mall. I work at Limited Too - Cherry Hill *mall*. I love chicken nuggets. And milkshakes. My sister is my best friend. We're craazzyy. Making up catchy phrases the no one understands. I hate bad friends. I hate when ppl hate my friends. Or mess with them. I hate people who walk around with a 'posse'. And try to be tough. Tropical Fruit SKITTLES rule. My GREGIE brings me them. And i love my GREGIE. Digital cameras make for fun times. iPods are overrated. Love brunettes. Hate boring away messages. Anything green. Chuck Taylors are the shit. I love making people laugh. Hysterically. Funny movies with friends are awesome. Late night phone calls rock. Upside-down kisses are my favorite. Love to cuddle. Rubbing my belly wins me over. Hate people who suck at tickling. Hate tickling. Never date a bad kisser. Pink Floyd is overrated. Weezer rules. People rambling about stuff that doesn't matter suck. Being me is interesting. IM---RLstar115